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About the RISEQUITY Inclusion Index Survey

Welcome to Out of the Box Brands' page. The information on this page is confidential and only available to employees. If you have any questions regarding this material, please contact


  • What is the Inclusion Index Survey? The Inclusion Index Survey is an anonymous survey that provides a series of questions aimed to assess the current state of Out of the Box Brands (Jack in the Box and Del Taco) from a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective. The responses to the survey are collected by RISEQUITY, a third party, to maintain confidentiality when sharing the overall results. The information collected by RISEQUITY is completely voluntary and anonymous. No personal identifying information can be attributed back to you (additionally, IP addresses are not collected). Information requested is:


  • Gender Identity: We know that gender plays an important role in how people are perceived in the workplace and the subsequent opportunities that they also have. By collecting data referring to people’s gender identity, Out of the Box Brands can explore ways to promote gender equality in the workplace.

  • Age: Age is measured in the current study because it is a good indicator of someone’s moment of life or generation, which impacts how they see their careers and ways of working. These results offer better ways to understand how different age groups see inclusiveness and the role of Out of the Box Brands in promoting it.

  • Race/Ethnicity: We are a very diverse organization in terms of cultural backgrounds, and we plan to use it to better understand the cultural backgrounds of everyone in our community to ensure people feel empowered at work and ensure equal treatment for all employees.

  • Veterans: As a protected class, we value our former service members and recognize that their experiences may differ from those who have not served in the military. It is important to identify this population to better support them.

  • LGBTQIA+: As an inclusive organization, we want everyone to experience belonging, including how they identify in their personal lives. This will allow us to understand the experiences as well as needs of the LGBTQIA+ community.

  • Disability/Neurodivergence: This is a critical but often overlooked dimension that has a significant impact on who and how people can participate in the workplace. This is included, and it is key for us to understand what and how the social, spatial, and organizational limitations may impede employees from achieving their full potential.

  • Education: When looking at education, there is value in learning and learned experiences. All levels of education are valued and provide perspectives into where opportunities may be available for growth and development.

  • Why are we sending this survey? We are asking these questions so your voice may be heard, and so we can build a plan that accurately represents the needs of all Out of the Box Brands employees.

  • Who will take this survey? All Out of the Box Brands Support Center employees above District Managers (Jack) and Area Directors / Area Managers (Del Taco) are encouraged to take this anonymous survey, and we are aiming for 100% participation.

  • How long will it take to complete the survey? The survey should take about 10 minutes or less to complete.

  • When is the survey taking place? Employees will have two weeks to complete the survey.

  • Why is the company doing this survey? The results will be used to understand the diversity and inclusion landscape, including our people at Out of the Box Brands to develop and plan relevant initiatives for 2023 based on your feedback.

  • How will the anonymity of the results be maintained? Identifying information (i.e., name, email address, etc.) will not be collected, and demographic questions will be optional. To maintain anonymity in cases where a person’s identity may be inferred by their demographic answers, data will be aggregated at a larger group threshold to prevent personal identification.

  • Who will have access to the results? The raw data will only be accessed by RISEQUITY, and final data will be aggregated and quantified to ensure anonymity.

  • Should I use the survey to report situations of discrimination? We recommend that any issues of discrimination or harassment be reported to HR in order to have the situation addressed. Since the survey is anonymous, we will be unable to support or help you if you disclose information or report any discrimination or harassment issues in the survey. If you have any issues to report, please contact your respective HR leader, Peggy Chapman (Jack) and Jeanne Graves (Del Taco).

  • What information will be shared once the survey is complete? A summary of feedback and themes will be prepared by our consultants at RISEQUITY and shared with the Executive Leadership Team. leaders. We will use the results to propose initiatives for 2023 to ensure we are intentional, informed and improve the DEI work we are doing to make every employee’s experience more diverse, equitable and inclusive across Out of the Box Brands.

  • Who is RISEQUITY? RISEQUITY is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) company focused on transforming company culture, improving performance, and creating an equitable future for companies and society. Led by recognized facilitators and experts, RISEQUITY provides customized qualitative and quantitative maturity models and dashboards, workshops, equity forums, sponsorship programs, and advancement coaching, where participants are empowered to lead with confidence while positively impacting workplace change. For more information, check their website:

Questions? Contact with any questions related to the survey.

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