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LGBTQ+ Rights in the Workplace: What is the Role of Leaders and Corporate Public Policy?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Today at the forefront of leadership discussions is the issue of responsibility of equity beyond the workplace but in the states where companies operate. This fireside conversation brings together leaders across companies to discuss the role and urgent advocacy of leaders and companies regarding corporate public policy, specifically halting discriminatory legislation related to LGBTQ+ rights, advocacy, and accessibility.

On May 10th, RISEQUITY and HRC invited leaders for a remarkable discussion on the importance of these issues, including the HRC Business Coalition for the Equality Act. Introduced by RISEQUITY's President and Co-founder, Erin Tselenchuk, there was a brief and special keynote from LGBTQ advocate Elizabeth Birch, followed by an indepth conversation with HRC's Ani Fête Crews and Shawnie Hawkins, moderated by RISEQUITY's Chief Advocacy Officer and Co-founder, Marilyn Nagel.

This recording is designed for HR professionals, DEI practitioners, ERG leads, and others who are responsible for leading human-centered interactions, engagements and programs, and anyone who is interested in protecting, preserving and advocating for the rights of humans.


Additionally, we want to share an introductory list of how you can learn, support and take action now:

RESOURCES AVAILABLE | Get Involved, Take Action

ARTICLES | Supporting Transgender Employees in the Workplace


For more information on Transgender Inclusion, including FAQs for Leaders, talking points for supervisor training and employee training, and workbooks, please contact Kim Steppe, CEO and Co-founder:

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