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The One Year Mark

One year ago, we launched RISEQUITY. Each and every day, we have the privilege to meet companies where they are on their diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. And while each journey is different, our unique work with our great partners is driven by one purpose: to create an inclusive culture and workplace that attracts, retains, develops, and values incredible talent from all backgrounds.

Our vision for RISEQUITY stemmed from our own experiences, and our desire to do more to change what is often broken in our corporate cultures, and to do it right. We are grateful for the deep relationships we have with our clients, partners, advisors, supporters, and friends of RISEQUITY. We are humbled by the feedback we receive, by our ability to make a difference, the boundaries we push and the lives we impact. As we said last year, this is just the beginning and we are honored for you "to be part of our journey and create true equitable change".

Many thanks, Kim, Erin & Marilyn Co-Founders, RISEQUITY

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