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Our services are all encompassing. We offer highly interactive, deeply personalized and carefully curated programs, developed to address the challenges you face by bringing to you high impact learning and development skills. Whether starting and launching new initiatives or assessing current processes, we work closely with you by creating accountable spaces for real and relevant conversations. Our programs do more than move the needle - they create systemic change for a positive future.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Consulting

RISEQUITY offers DEI&B strategy, evaluations, recommendations and consulting, focused on the immediate and long term needs of your company to ensure equity and inclusion with an implication to promote greater DEI&B. Completely customizable based on initiatives, scale and scope, services may include:

  • Cultural Assessments

  • Inclusion Indexes

  • Process Evaluation for DEI&B Best Practice

  • Equity and Inclusion Communication and Content Review (internal/external)

  • Custom Inclusion Group (Employee Resource Group, Business Resource Group, or Affinity Group) Formation

  • Original Internal/External DEI&B Programs and Events

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging for Leaders Series

Take your DEI efforts to the next level by engaging your leaders to create a more inclusive culture. Empower employees to work collaboratively across cultures, ethnicity, gender, races, sexual-orientation and all facets of diversity to create greater belonging.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging for Employees Series

Employees must be empowered to form an accountable space where real change can happen. Creating a culture of inclusion is linked to greater innovation, collaboration, belonging, employee engagement and customer success, and this series demonstrates as an individual level that diversity, equity and inclusion is about helping everyone from all levels in a company or organization.

Sponsors & Protégés

Through RISEQUITY’s Sponsors & Protégés program, companies are able to enhance high-potential womens’ opportunities for career growth, visibility, recognition, retention, engagement and promotion. When leveraged, the mindset shift at the executive level regarding importance of being a Sponsor and understanding women's issues, all while increasing women's representation at top levels. 

Leadership Series

Leaders are made when you have the three ingredients of potential, influence and power. Whether it is negotiating for women, inclusive hiring and leadership in the current climate, or seeking new approaches for innovation and collaboration, leaders of all levels can integrate the learnings from this workshop series into a corporate culture environment.

Communication Impact Series

It is critical to get your message across concisely, showcasing your successes, and delivering information in new ways in our new environment. By learning to communicate across-cultures, addressing a new global workplace, the words in which you use and how you engage your audience matters and impacts relationships, revenue and results.

Women on Stage Series

Whether you are looking to enhance your confidence, brand or represent your company, our multi-series workshops will guide you in preparing your speaker submission, honing your skills for your role, developing a message from stage, and using the power of your voice and presence to the fullest.

Rise Careers

Always be prepared for the next step in your career and focus on the areas you need to know in order to find that path that brings you fulfillment. From refining your interview skills to developing language to own your space, you can effectively demonstrate your worth through your resume, public profiles and your network. 

Rise Care

By being given the permission to pause and reset, you are afforded the opportunity to thrive. By addressing mental and emotional states, virtual meeting fatigue and anxiety, workplace stress, isolation, awareness of others, more cohesive teams and communities are built where individuals (and even teams) begin to thrive.​

Rise Integration

Now is the time to build the future of work, but what does it mean for you? The intersectionality of work and home is about discovering your personal journey, navigating uncertainty with confidence, parenting in a pandemic (and beyond) for both employees and leaders, and developing the open communication channels necessary to support everyone.

Specialty Workshop Series

We partner with experts, educators, authors, and innovators in our industry, providing powerful workshops and programs that create systemic change in companies. This includes:

  • Men as Allies

  • Negotiating and Asking for More

  • Intersectionality and Race in the Workplace

  • Culture and Ethical Values in the Workplace

  • And access to more programs with industry leaders 

Performance Coaching Circles for Women, Non-binary Trans, and BIPOC

Highly customizable, the Performance Coaching Circle format brings together 8-12 participants for group coaching. Each participant in the circle focuses on a specific area of development while gaining knowledge and support from an executive coach, others in the circle, readings, exercises, and facilitated discussions. Upon completion, every participant commits to creating their own coaching circle in order to build a stronger community of peer support and a culture of inclusion within your organization. 

Additional Programs

In addition to RISEQUITY's workshop series, we also offer a number of other programs:

  • Leadership Impact Training

  • Board Readiness and Governance Consulting

  • Coaching Series

  • Inclusive Public Forum Spheres for Women, BIPOC Women, Black Inclusion, Women in Tech and Executive Women in Tech

Specialty Workshops
Performace Coaching
Additional Programs
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