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It all starts with knowing where your company stands:
RISEQUITY's Maturity Model Assessment™

Before implementing a DEIB strategy, a company needs to establish a baseline to measure representation and inclusion in order for DEIB strategies to be effective and impactful. Our four-system proprietary maturity model assessment includes a quantitative and qualitative approach.

Whether establishing, refining or rebuilding, your company is mapped on our maturity model matrix with strategic DEIB recommendations to advance your impactful work through a manageable approach.​
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After a maturity model assessment is complete and a baseline established,supportive services are available to advance the work. 

Our Services

Leadership Accountability Plans

Develop highly customized plans for executive leaders to drive DEIB initiatives tied to overall company goals that are measurable and data-centric.

Culture of Inclusion Workshops

Whether creating or leading a culture inside a workplace, this series engaging everyone at all levels to advance DEIB.

Coaching Circles

Learn how to create a space for employees to gain peer-to-peer mentorship, connect, recognize, combat bias, and build leadership strengths.

DEIB Consulting

Consult with DEIB experts on existing strategies, launching new programs or developing internal teams.

DEI Council

A unique framework that incorporates numerous strategies that align with business objectives for establishing and guiding a DEI Council within any organization.

Industry Workshops

Though partnerships with industry experts, educations, authors, and innovators, we provide additional programs such as:

  • Men as Allies

  • Negotiating & Asking for More

  • Intersectionality and Race in the Workplace

  • Work/Life Intersectionality

Sponsor & Protegé Programs

Enhance high-potential employees' opportunities for career growth, visibility, recognition, retention, engagement and promotion

Inclusion Groups

A guide for effectively identifying, launching and supporting Inclusion Groups (ERGs, BRGs, Affinity Groups) for long-term impact.


Whether Executive and Leadership coaching or DEIB Team development coaching, our team of coaching experts identify and provide collaborative guidance for 

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