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REPLAY | Ethical Workplace & the Law in Practice - The Collective Voice: Employee Activism

On Tuesday, May 11th, Bird & Bird hosted a session as part of their series on The Collective Voice, whereby they were joined by an international panel of experts (including RISEQUITY's Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Erin Tselenchuk, along with panelists Ros Hunt, Rebekah Metts-Childers and Joel Davis) from a range of disciplines, chaired by Furat Ashraf (Senior Associate, International HR Services, London) to explore the key reasons behind this rise and consider how employers should react to increasing expectations from employees with respect to the role of corporations as advocates for social justice issues. They explored the ways in which employers can mitigate the legal and reputational risks surrounding collective action and consider how employers can best respond to employee activism within their workforce.

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