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Educating yourself is often one one fo the first steps towards creating a more inclusive workplace. The information here is a collection of resources and materials with the idea to introduce, as well as expand, a greater understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for everyone. The information on this page is organically sourced and does not contain any affiliate links. No commissions or paid referrals are made on the information located here and we do not buy content. All links are attributed and linked to their original content creators.  

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Check out our up-to-date list of recommended reading materials including current data reports and research, white papers, news articles, blog posts, and our favorite authors.


Antiracism lists found in New York Times

Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson


Whether you are walking, working or taking a moment away from your computer screen, these podcasts offer a variety of programming that contribute to your learning in a highly digestable format.


From TV shows to movies to documentaries to bite-size DE&I life hacks, these screen recommendations are gathered for when you are looking for something else to watch, but with purpose.

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