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A summit designed for the leaders of Employee or Business Resource, Inclusion, and Affinity Groups. Whether you lead a group, are an Executive Sponsor, or oversee your company's ERGs, join us to learn about advocacy, structure, development, influence, and advancing the goals and impact of these employee-centric groups.

Registration is Open

For more information, contact Kim Steppe:


Date & Time:

Tuesday, May 21st

7 - 11 am PST




7:00 - 7:35 am PST

KEYNOTE | Taking Charge of Your Brand




Kim Steppe, CEO & Co-founder, RISEQUITY

7:35 – 8:30 am PST

WORKSHOP | Governance of ERGS

The launch of ERGs are often driven from a grassroots effort, informal, and fills an inherent need to provide a space and voice for specific employees within an organization. This workshop will provide a specific framework for Executive Sponsors, ERG Leaders and DEI Teams to establish – and often reimagine – necessary governance for their respective groups.


Marilyn Nagel, Chief Advocacy Officer & Co-founder

8:30 - 9:15 am PST

PANEL | Influencing Without Authority

In this discussion, we explore the intricacies of influencing without formal authority, with a focus on empowering Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders. We analyze the multifaceted strategies required to navigate organizational structures and cultivate collaboration across departments effectively. From honing persuasive communication techniques to leveraging networks and showcasing the value of their initiatives, ERG leaders will gain practical insights to enhance their influence and drive impactful change within their organizations, all while adeptly navigating complex power dynamics.


Vijay Pendar, Vijay Pendar Consulting
Jarrod Harden, The Belonging Guy
Kasema K. Johnson, Principal Program Manager, EBC Global Program, Workday

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 am PST

GROUP DISCUSSION | Intersectionality with Breakouts

In order to better understand the significance of fostering inclusion and belonging in the workplace through their ERGs, these breakouts by function will explore how everyone can leverage their influence to drive meaningful change. Equipped with strategic communication skills and a deep understanding of the roles, you play a pivotal role in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within their respective companies. Each breakout is an opportunity to review your three goals and collaborative discuss and provide solutions to advance your work.


Angeline Pleunis, VP of DEI & Sustainability, PointClickCare
Kevin Bradley, Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Hub International
Shayla Reed, Global Strategic Initiatives and PMO Business Operations, Dell Technologies

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